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Trolley – "I'm just thinking about winning the game, I'm not thinking about hay"

Marcel Keizer guarantees he is not thinking of a scenario other than winning this week's reception against SC Braga.

"I just think about winning the game, not thinking about ses. I'm always positive, the team is getting better and I hope I can have a good game with SC Braga, "said the Dutch coach when asked about his future.

For Keizer, the team is still looking for some balance, remembering that some players have arrived late, but guarantees they are optimistic about playing with Braga, who left praise.

“You have a new coach and a different way of playing compared to last season. They're a good team, but we're also really good, and I hope we can have a good game, "he said, underlining a strict schedule for UEFA Europa League qualifications. "It's not a disadvantage or an advantage. I'm also looking forward to three games a week, "he said.


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