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Actress Oana Mardara, at a protest in Cluj-Napoca, loses a gendarmerie trial

The Cluj-Napoca Court dismissed the opposition to actress Oani Mardara, the one who was hoisted on the gendarmes on the anti-gay rally on July 1, 2017, according to

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Actress Oana Mardara, at a protest in Cluj-Napoca, loses a gendarmerie trial

"This is a violation of the lawsuit filed by Oana Mardara's Claimant in opposition to the Cluj-Napoca Mobile Gendarmerie Group. In accordance with the court decision, he keeps the record verbally and lawfully, with the right to appeal within 30 days."

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Last year, on July 1, Mardare participated in the march of the LGBT community, "Cluj Pride", and later he was present in Avram Iancu Square at the New Right Ritual to support the traditional family. Then they were picked up by the gendarmerie and put in a van because she was disturbed by the event.

Oana Mardare wore a white shirt with a message "#spunedrept" and interrupted telling that the LGBT march he was attending was not obscene. The new PRU and PRM members on the market asked the gendarme to remove it by saying it was "provocative".

In a press release at the time, Cluj Gendarmes said that a young woman addressed "words and expressions of objection to the legitimacy" of the rally for normality and was removed from the crowd in order to avoid possible conflict with other participants. "

"No, I'm not okay." I did not understand anything that happened today: from the moment I opened my mouth in the public space, at a public event, in a peaceful and pacifist manner, I was taken away. "I did not understand anything, that's my real problem: I do not understand many things that are happening around me," she wrote on her Facebook page.


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