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For which serial Apple will pay $ 15 million per episode

For which serial Apple will pay $ 15 million per episode

When it comes to content for future Apple TV + subscription service, it seems Apple's Cupertino company is not at all bad. According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a series for which Apple is ready to spend $ 15 million per episode. In this series will be an actor Jason Momo who was playing in the Throne of the Throne.

The company in Cupertin invests in a bunch of original content for Apple TV + service. One of the series in which the company invests is called "See".

But what's interesting in this case is how much a company wants to pay for each episode in See. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple should pay at least $ 15 million for each episode of See.

This is a huge budget if you take into account that the final result of Seychel will compete with some of Hollywood movie productions. It also shows how much the company wants to pay to get genuine high quality content.

Since Apple does not really have the history to create original content, the $ 15 million invested in each episode suddenly seems huge. For those who do not know, See is a series based on a post-apocalyptic world in which the Earth is destroyed by disease, leaving behind only a few million people.

However, all survivors are now blind. In the series, See will play Jason Momo with Throne Wreath. Based on several images in the series that are seen, See looks pretty interesting.

But it remains to be seen whether the $ 15 million per episode will be successful. It's not said when Apple TV + will be released, but the Cupertina company offered an unclear estimate for the autumn of 2019.

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