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Ioana Ginghina's reaction after her ex-husband surprised her in gentle gossip with the actress

Alexandru Papadopol was filmed hugging and kissing on the street with actress Adrian Titieni.

Former life partner Alexandra Papadopola, actress Ioan Ginghina, made her first statements after learning of a new love story his ex-husband will live on.

"I didn't doubt, I don't think we talked for a long time, nor did I ever go in search of him. He thinks he's been leaving home since February, so I don't know much. I filed the papers just because nothing was happening, he wasn't coming anymore. I think it was a year ago, or a relationship a year ago, I don't think that's the reason, so it's something new.

I don’t think, honestly, I’ve ever been the kind of person to search phones, emails. You know what it is, what you don't know, makes you happy. I've never been like that and I won't be from now on, which is not the case, "Ioana Ginghina told Antenna Stars, reports.

The star is disappointed that Alexandro Papadopol is surprised by tendencies in public.

"It would have turned out, at one point, that it was one thing, that it was at another moment. Someone appeared once. But not to be so public and not to be so passionate kisses in public. It's just that I wanted to and I intend to. not being on the street, in public, because the kids are bad at school. The internet is at their fingertips, you don't have to talk to your parents at home, "she said.

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