Monday , June 21 2021

Timpolis, the first Romanian inspiration film released in Timisoara

Then Nekula is the main character of the movie's son Noro, As a director, Timisoara comes with the movie We first get down, An inspirational event involving human nature and crisis behavior, and how to find someone to really find out when it's time to listen.

the film We first get down On November 6 at 19.30 Banat Philharmonic Film Festival will take place.

The event stops in the subway stations, since travelers are forced to spend several hours each morning after a firefight, and travelers are starting to find themselves traveling with their casual colleagues.

"This is an inspirational event every day. We are in the subway, we are in the world. This is not a movie about a collective, but life can not diverge this story. For some people there are parallels in the lives of many people who meet one day– says the director This is Nekula.

Nekula is one of the most beloved Roman artists of this film: Constantine Cotimanis, Adrian Pauraru, Theodore Marchesh, Victoria Kokyas, Konstantin Dragnasku, Emil Ophra, Eli Ionescu, Den Murzea, Tuddorel Philimon, Gavril Patru, Thomas Otto Gela, Cezar Grümescu, Francesca Leonte, Andrei Eftene, Dana Porlogeu, Julia Dumitru and Sonia Teodoriu.

We first get down independent film, produced and directed by Ted Nekula, Alexandru Timosca's signature and scripts belong to Alexander Axinte. The film has received many other awards including the IPIFF 2018 Trophy and the UPFAR-ARGOA Award for Best Debut in the Fiction Indie Feature Film.

Nekula is known when she was the main heroine of her childhood Noro, His Rainbow Gabee – Has sent many documentary films and is a popular speaker.

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