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Buzova was standing for Kokorin and Mamaev, who organized the fight

The singer said that Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda would be hindered by anyone, and most importantly, it was a mistake and an apology.

Singer Olga BuzovaSinger Olga BuzovaPhoto: Victor Gouseinov

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Famous Russian singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova standing for those who beat Alexander in football Kokorina and Pavel Mamaev. He acknowledged that this conflict was very close to his heart, and he was very concerned about the player of Zenith because he knows not only the athlete, but his wife Dashadi.

"Everyone can be mistaken, everything is wrong, even guys did not think it was capable, and I have not seen any of my acquaintances here," Buzov told Komsomolskaya Pravda radio.

He pointed out that football is an important sport and players must be able to control themselves even in the most tense situation, because you can get red card to break and thus you can summarize the whole team.

"That means everything looks good and I do not know what to do – I do not even want to think about it …" Olga said and reminded him that he would make all the mistakes quickly.

The singer said that now Kokorin and Mamayev are sincerely aware of what they have done and "repent and ask forgiveness."

"What do we do to respond to cruelty when we say that they need to be deprived of football?" – "Punishment – yes, now their families, mothers, and sufferings are a strong punishment," says Buzova.

Recall, when he wrote, Russian footballers were also in prison. Players Zenit andKrasnodar"They are the first to hit the first candidate, and the First Channel is accused of being a TV presenter, and athletes are detained until December 8.


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