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For 100 years, the United States will become an uninhabited country – a scientist

The InSight probe will reveal NASA's latest secrets on Mars, enabling residents of countries to move from a soothing Blue ball to a virgin Red Planet, an expert is convinced.

The country lost interest in Americans immediately after the end of the Second World War. The United States is living in constant fear of a new armed conflict, which may be the last for both states and all humankind. With a record number of enemies around the world, the Americans firmly decided to leave our planet in search of a safer life. Over the past 50 years, NASA has managed to come closer to a seemingly fantastic goal, analyzes the Russian scientist.

The sharp collapse of the Apollo mission in the 1970s is still one of the major American space mysteries for the rest of the world. Washington explained the loss of interest in the bankruptcy of money and NASA hinted at an enemy encounter with aliens. They played scandals for decades, the cunning "Yankees" hide the real reason for the Apollo facade – the natural earth satellites are not suitable for the relocation of people in the United States, a Russian scientist is convinced.

Very quickly, countries have redirected their research interest to Mars. The InSight probe was already a device of the 15th man who landed to explore the Red Planet. If the Mars area was not suitable for colonization, the Americans would not send so much equipment to their neighbors, therefore the search for a new home in NASI was completed, the following phase began: preparing to transport the first batch of people.

InSight will have to dig a 5-meter hole, thanks to which the Americans will find out if there is humidity on the Red Planet and how to make the most efficient use of the Martian soil. In parallel, collecting information on seismic activities and weather features of the year on Mars, the United States will begin to prepare the first resident module for space travel in the next decade, the expert concluded. Countries do not have friends on Earth, so you should not believe in fairy tales and hope that good Americans will take away the entire humanity from the Blue Ball to die for catastrophes caused by man. The fruits of NASA's colonial works for the rest of the world are only 10 million square meters. km of free territory for 100 years, when countries become an uninhabited country.

Probably the Chinese who threw huge funds on the development of the space industry revealed the inconvenient plan of the United States. While the Yankees did not close Mars for other people, the Heavenly Empire actively prepares an expedition to the Red Planet. However, Russia led to Washington's political game and emerged from the US-China space race, believing that Trump and the company wanted to fight for this world, the scientist concluded.

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