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Four signs that a person wants to hide something from you

Body language carries a lot of information. If you learn to understand it properly, you can learn a lot about people.

Usually people do not pay attention to their poses, gestures, facial expressions, because this happens unconsciously. But it is these moments that betray his true intentions and thoughts. Those who want to hide something should monitor not only their language, but also the body language.

Nature has given man a generous gift – the ability to decipher nonverbal body signals. But almost no one uses it. Why? Because there is no knowledge. These practices are not widespread and it is difficult, even if desirable, to find the necessary lessons.

Very interesting body language stories happen – they are often told by doctors who meet them in their practice. For example, there is a case where a young man becomes seriously ill and is diagnosed with polio – this is cerebrospinal paralysis. Of course, from such a serious illness the young man was permanently immobilized. What else to do in this condition, no matter how you observe and listen? He did this: he looked at his parents, brothers, sisters, paid attention to facial expressions, gestures. And a few months later I came to the surprising conclusion that even without special knowledge it becomes clear that people's movements very often do not match their words, they have different meanings.

The guy recovered. It was not easy for him, but he could even benefit from such a disaster. He became an expert in the field of non-verbal communication and could even without words recognize such serious things as betrayal, the profession of a person, etc.

How to determine whether a person is telling the truth or not? Does he really think so? There are four key points to consider.

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1. Eye contact

When a person is listening, do not look closely at the person in the eye. This is subconsciously associated with obedience and worship, for servants obey their master when he commands them. And it is undesirable to blink oftenwhen you say something, because it is a sign of concern and uncertainty in your own words, it greatly undermines credibility.

2. Don't look at your phone

Many are mistaken for this: periodically watch your phone during a call. What is it? The weather seemed or urgent correspondence. But in fact, it shows a frivolous attitude towards the speaker, emphasizing the insignificance of his words. This kind of behavior often causes the conversation to break.

3. Remove the phone

Psychological studies have shown that people with gadgets smile a lot less with acquaintances and strangers alike. It just seems like a smartphone, but it can change the basics of social behavior!

4. Voice of the timbre

There is a direct link between the intonation and the perception of spoken words. People change their own tone of voice in situations that bother them or cause anxiety. Such a vocal effect can evoke mood as well as posture, facial expression and more.

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