Monday , May 10 2021

In the set, we condemned the tuning LADA Priora into pickup trucks

Motorists responded to an interesting tuning of the Russian sedan.

The subject of creation of folk craftsmen often settled as classic, and modern cars. In a social media themed community, Instagram posted a photo of the tuned LADA Priora. Interestingly, the glorified Russian car was transformed into a pickup truck.

On the published photo, everyone is presented with a certain "Priora" in the body pickup orange color. Judging by the photo, the front of the car remained unchanged, and the rear was cut and turned into the cargo section. As for the technical parameters, there is a likelihood that they remain the topic already available in the LADA Priora.

Notwithstanding such tuning, the signatories of the community who commented on the photo of the SUV on the LADA Priory base could not pass. "Where is it also going?", "Priory-fronted eyes", "Mother Nature narrated", "Lada Priora Pickup" and "Only in Russia does it look poor?", – Internet users said.

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