Monday , May 10 2021

Scientists have labeled 10 hidden triggers that cause vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D provides accurate and timely bone growth, participates in early treatment, maintains a normal level of calcium and phosphorus, reduces collagen synthesis, thereby reducing the growth of many bones, elimination and duplication of pilorias, reducing the risk of skin and heart disease; and malignant tumors.

Many factors lead to a lack of vitamin D, including scientists who are subject to modification (human exposure) and unchanging substances. After another research, experts called 10 more hidden triggers that could lead to a deficiency of "sun" vitamins. Resilient place affects the synthesis of the skin cells of cholecalciferol, which increases the deficiency of biologically active substances, due to the large amount of solar radiation from solar radiation living in areas with high altitudes, whose radiation is a direct activator of vitamin synthesis. The possibility of its production is lost due to its age, so older people are exposed to a particular risk. This prevents the synthesis of black skin thanks to the concentration in the upper layers of the dermicidal chemical melanin that prevents the development of the valuable component.

People with no vitamin D need to check the kidney's health, because protein production depends on their liver, and hence vitamin production. The following hidden triggers are diseases of the digestive tract – celiac disease, cyst fibrosis, Crohn's disease, Whipple disease – to various extent and, to some extent, prevent the development, secretion or absorption of many vital elements of these diseases, including vitamin D. excess weight absorb too much BAC, which leads to its deficiency. The gastric bacterial procedure plays an important role in the amount of vitamins that can be absorbed by the body.

The lack of vitamin D in the body leads to serious complications, including the formation of chronic tooth, pain in the joints, deformity of the teeth, backward development of children, muscle aches, bone deformation, weight loss.

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