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Suprun told how to treat gerpes on wrinkles and genitals

Existence of a herpetic infection is not a reason to avoid sexual life or childbirth. Here are your nuances.

After infection, viruses are nowhere to be found anywhere, but are in neurons and are activated from time to time / photo

After infection, viruses are nowhere to be found anywhere, but are in neurons and are activated from time to time / photo

"Prostudy" on the wrinkles is not treated with aloe, ice, corvall or green, and genital gerpes – sodomy baths. The "wrinkle" of gialuronic acid wrinkles can provoke exacerbation of herpes.

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Gerpesviruses whole family: human gerpesvirus (GVC) types 1 and 2, windmill viruses, Epstein-Barr, cytomegalovirus and human gerp viruses 6, 7 and 8.

The virus of the 2nd type causes predominantly genital-anal infections, and the 1st – the oro-labial (mouth, mouth, other parts of the head). However, both viruses can defeat all parts of the body, that is, during oral sex, "prostate on the wrinkles", can be transmitted to the genitals of partners / partners or vice versa.

What about viruses:

▪️ Gerpesvirus 2 types are transmitted during unprotected sex, and also during vaginal births, if there is an exacerbation of herpes at the moment.

▪️ Type 1 Gerpesvirus can be transmitted through a common vessel when the infection is active.

▪️ Most people are infected with GVC-1 at the age of 5 years from their parents or other children.

▪️ At the time of shaving, you run the risk of spreading your virus from the area of ​​manifestation in the hair follicles of the skin. It pulls behind it the so-called "gerpetic sycosis".

▪️ People interested in contact sports can, thanks to being hit, get their own virus into new areas of the body, such as the jaw or ear.

▪ ️ Even dentists work without gloves, may develop a nail infection and cuticles after contact with a person who has gingivostomatitis (one of the manifestations of herpes).

Herpesviruses 1 and 2 are diagnosed by PCR or serological methods, that is, they show either the DNA of the virus or the antibodies to it. In the case of GHF detection, it is necessary to do more analysis on HIV. Routine screening for GVC is not necessary.

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Is it possible to recover after infection?

After infection, viruses are nowhere to be found anywhere, but are in neurons and are activated from time to time. Trigger can be ultraviolet, mechanical nerve injury, temporary or permanent immunity disturbance.

During the activation of the latent virus, new virions are transported by neurons to the mucous membranes and cause ulcers and skin rashes.

However, the manifestations of the disease continue constantly. It is good, then, that a person does not live in a state of discomfort. But it is bad that the virus can be transmitted further at this time. With time of exacerbation of infection there are all slits. For the reduction of their frequency, duration, or complete prevention, they use persistent or periodic therapy with systemic antiviral preparations.

How to treat gerpevirus infection?

The initial course of therapy usually lasts 8-10 days or until the manifestations disappear. At this prescribe preparations of systemic action, and namely – tablets on the basis of the changed nucleotides.

In the case of a very severe course of infection, it is possible to have an intravenous injection of drugs. Medical protocols do not advise the use of topical drugs because of their low effectiveness.

Gerpes on the face often begins with prodroma – a period when the disease can be felt as a pinching, itching, pain, but it is not yet possible to see. If you start therapy during a breakthrough, it can stop the manifestation.

Constant suppressive therapy by 70-80% reduces the likelihood of genital herpes in people prone to frequent exacerbations (6 or more during the year). Such an approach (permanent therapy) improves the quality of life of patients significantly effective, than episodic (once a year).

But with time, the frequency of manifestations of infection diminishes itself, then early or late persistent therapy can be replaced by episodic.

How to prevent gerpes infection?

▪️ Do not kiss, if your partner / partners lose their mouth cavity, start scratching, pokalyvat, appear rash. Remember that it is important to be aware and responsible in the relationship of partners.

▪️ Do not drink together from one cup or bottle with a man who has gerpes on his wrinkles.

▪️Do not use a general hygienic pomade.

▪ Make HIV, gerpes 1 and 2 types, oncogenic papillomavirus strains of human and syphilis with partner / partner analysis. In case of absence of infections despite hormonal contraceptives.

If one of the partners has genital gerpes, it is necessary at the time of exacerbation and manifestation of sex to persist, even if protected. The rest of the time it is necessary to use condoms.

How to give birth, if the mother gerpes?

In most cases, gerpetic infection of newborns happens in children of mothers without preliminary data on the history of anamnesis. That is, he was, but never manifested. If the infection occurred before the birth, the risk transmitters 30-50%. If the mother had episodic manifestations of genital herpes earlier, or contracted during the 1st trimester, then the probability of transmitting the virus to the child is less than 1%.

Healthy women whose partners have a gerpevirus infection should refrain from unprotected sex during the 3rd trimester.

If the woman did not have manifestations of GVCh-1 (on the wrinkles), then it should be maintained during pregnancy from oral sex with a partner-carrier of the virus.

Before the birth of a woman, it is necessary to be examined for genital herpes. If there are manifestations, it is recommended to do a caesarean section.

What to do to get gerpes constantly in a latent state?

▪️ Use sunscreens.

▪️ Before going to the mountains or to the sea, where the high UF index, it is possible to take a preventive course of anti-herpes preparations.

▪️ No “immunostimulators” prevent the recurrence of a herpetic infection.

▪️ There is no evidence of the effectiveness of ointments with anti-herpetic components.

▪️ If gerpes appear 1-3 times a year, it is better to discontinue episodic therapy (once a year or in case of exacerbation) – otherwise there is a risk of developing a virus-resistant strain.

▪️ People whose immune systems are weakened by antitumor therapy, immunosuppression in connection with transplants, or HIV-infected people should prevent exacerbation of herpes medicamentally and permanently.

▪️ Before inserting fillers into the face or conducting dermabrasion, it is necessary to conduct a short course of therapy for anti-herpes preparations, if there is a nickname, which poses a risk of developing herpes.

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