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Controversy in Jordan Street after Gen's broadcast through Netflix

Amman, Jordan (CNN) – Reactions to the "Gen" launched on the Netflix Network on Thursday escalated among activists, parliamentarians and artists for criticism, demanding a stop to the series and holding those who approved the work in Petra While the Royal Film Commission announced that it was not responsible for the technical content of the work and that his role is limited to the approval of the photograph.

The "angry" reaction to the presentation of the first series of Arabic language network, involving young Jordanian actors, was conducted by the Reform Parliamentary Assembly of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Jordanian Parliament, Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz, in charge of the series, and kisses and rude words "undermine public morality and They are against the system of values ​​of the Jordanian society.

Before the official broadcast of the network on June 13, the Jordanian media and local newspapers recorded the series, and the Royal Film Commission announced its promotional video on June 3 on its official Facebook page.

The Amman Prosecutor on Thursday ordered the Electronic Intelligence Unit of the Jordanian General Security Service to take the necessary measures to stop the broadcasting of the series, according to local media.

Mufti of the Kingdom, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khalayleh, on Friday, his statement, broadcast on Jordan's daily opinion, said that "the series is a moral and moral decline, it does not represent the morals and morals of the Jordanians and Islamic teachings," he emphasized, according to the newspaper, "the need to develop solutions that prevent its repetition in the face of the day.

Nada Doumani, the media director of the Royal Film Commission, said on CNN Friday in Arabic that the agency's responsibility was limited to providing production services and facilitating logistical procedures from locations, equipment and crews, stressing that the TRA Law did not provide for a "supervisory role". content "of artwork that can be photographed.

"There is no entity responsible for the content and functions of the agency in terms of services, production and logistics," Doumani said. "Each country has a film body with the same functions for the promotion and attraction of works of art.

In cooperation with the Regional Authority Petra and the Authority for Promotion of Tourism, the Administration, in cooperation with the Authority of the Region of Petra and the Directorate for Tourism Promotion, announced a call to activists through social networking sites on July 25, 2018 to approve the recording of the series described by Al- Kahili in the period from 5-15. Necessary for power.

In the meantime, the artist's union issued a long statement, which reached it on Friday, expressing the rejection of the "exploitation of some production houses" for places of recording and distorting the ideal image of Jordan's cultural heritage and the structure of his society, "saying the series" Jen " scenes of the opposite "Arab and Islamic" broke the sanctity of the place and its historical depths in the city of Petra, "adding that this" predicts a systematic breakthrough to violate the social and moral structure and overcome all norms and ideals. "

The Association of Fine Artists, official and governmental authorities, who overstepped the role of union artists and gave production and photo licenses, felt that it was the union's right, urging the Royal Commission to comply with its law only to permit the recording at that location. The union said Genov's work was "moral enjoyment".

It is expected that a parliamentary meeting will be held on Sunday to investigate broadcasts, said Ibrahim al-Badour, head of the Jordanian Parliament's Education and Culture Committee.

Al-Badour said in a statement to CNN in Arabic that the board would ask the meeting to determine the responsibility of the Jordanian authorities responsible for the content of works of art and their permits. He confirmed that international business was needed, but taking into account the system and controls in the community.

"We have no objection to Jordan being a magnet for global action, but it's unacceptable to portray school children this way," he said.

Officially, the media body stated in response to the content of the series that it was not within its competence under the law on media and audiovisual authorities, and that its role was limited to the censorship of films and serials displayed in the Kingdom, provided they were ready for presentation, Scenario.

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