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Jupiter swallowed another planet that almost exploded

Japanese, Swiss and American astronomers analyzed photos sent by the Juno probe, which is currently orbiting Jupiter.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the largest planet in the solar system is the result of the ingestion of a neighboring planet, and it almost caused a huge space explosion.

The journal Nature, which published an article on the issue, which was ingested by the gas giant 4.5 billion years ago, is an emerging planet 10 times the size of Earth.

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The Juno probe captures new images of the red dot

The Juno probe captures new images of the red dot

The article adds that a huge shock destroyed the core of Jupiter, causing the rock solid atoms and particles of gas, dust and minerals to mix, then began to form Jupiter in the form of gas we are currently looking at, not as a rocky planet as planned.

Scientists have not ruled out that Jupiter has swallowed one planet, but several planets in the making.

Computer simulations showed that several planets could be in the early stages of the solar system near Jupiter. Most were generated by particles from distant parts of space, atoms, gases, and other building materials that the sun sent.

Information about the state of the solar system and its planets at an early stage of formation was obtained with the help of the Juno probe, which launched into Jupiter's orbit in 2011. The path took five years. The cost of the project exceeded $ 1 billion.

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