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The blue month appears in the sky

Earth is witness to an interesting astronomical phenomenon, the appearance of a full blue moon in the sky on Saturday night, and this will be the last opportunity to see this phenomenon.

According to the web site of the British Mirror, the Moon is full when the Moon is on the other side of the Earth like the sun, which means that his face is fully lit.

While this month is known as blue, the night sky will not look blue, but is acquired by the fact that it is the third of the four full months of this season.

Normally, only three full months appear in one season, which makes the event rare. "Blue Moon is a special event because the extra month in one season has four full moons, and this usually happens every two and a half years," says NASA.

It is important to note that this Moon was known as Full Flower Moon in Indian tribes because it appears in the spring, where the flowers begin to appear.

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