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According to Babacar Si Abdu, the Gamu – Propagation Models Platform

Babacar Si Abdu was born on November 19 in Tivuane, Mavlid, or Hamud, in remembrance of the Prophet Mohammed's birthday, as a propagation platform for this model.

Babakar S Ndiol Fuuta was not named by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), not by rice cars, but by rattling machines.

He delivered speeches at the Tivuana mosque, dedicated to the Feast of Gaiu dedicated to the theme "Religion, Peace and Prosperity".

The student who has come to participate in this religious event will be able to use "the best words appropriate for the words" among the messages distributed among this event.

The word "Babakar-i-Abdu" is useful when it comes to the idea that "the perfect model of our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is remembered" and does not know where people are going.

"Allah's Apostle is a good example for those who hope in Allah and the Last Days."

He did not hold back from handing over his possessions, knowing that the prophet was "very upright" and that even his teachers would be safe with them. That is why he was nicknamed "Al-Amin" (trustworthy), he continued, "The prophet has enough of us as an example."

At the same time, the invitation to exclude some of the society's lies and call for the development of peace and unity: "We call on all of us to follow the way of God."

He asked Tivanaan "to measure the weight and sanctity of human life" for the loyal servants of thousands of people.

"Slowly wind up slowly," he warned, threatening to overlook all safety precautions, and refused to try to maximize benefits.

Babacar Sidi Abdo invited the hotel guests to be hospitable, and the guests "accept good behavior" before their return.

Gamou on Saturday and Sunday for the International Conference, titled "Religious, Peace and Prosperity," 2018, said: "We call for peace every day, but we do not give it funds.

"Our mosques are full, our prayers call for peace," he said, referring to the "humiliation" of human life. "Everyone is responsible for building a peaceful society," he said.

Thanks to the cooperation between the Zawiya Tijaniyya (CEZAT) and the International Inter-Religious Peace Corps (IIPC), the conference coordinator, Abdul Hamid Si, will serve as a basis for exchanging experiences in different countries. , including participants from Mali and Mauritania.

According to him, there will be a platform for a "benevolent situation" to be a religious one.

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