Saturday , July 24 2021

French dancer Salih Gui Ellen DeGeneres shines brightly!

The most popular is that he will be able to inspire Michael Jackson to show a solid gift for the lunar. Without interrupting a dance lesson, Internet users were amazed by the video posted on Instagram on October 17 with over 7 million views. Today it has signed 1.3 million people.

Ellen deGenéres was in a hurry to invite you to a show in Los Angeles. Indeed, he is interested in hockey dance and strives to bring dancers around the world, who are all the riches on the Internet.

The young man told him the most beautiful jokes ever since street show: "One day I lost my phone, so I went to dance in St. Lazarus and won 1400 Euros a day … Then, in the Apple Store, buy a new iPhone! Salluph Givi also shows that his surprisingly passers are not only giving him money, but also candy and condoms.

Then you hear a sound Black or white Of course, Michael Jackson showed his talent level. «From the age of 3, many things have changed for me. This is the largest"Elene Degelener, who takes great enthusiasm from the audience and does not want to stop here. For Halloween, the dancer handed over a monument to the King of Pop. Ark Triumph, tells us everything is a real phenomenon that begins!

If anybody screams at the audience, the speaker Ellen Degerger does not stop here. For Halloween, dancer Archea remembers the name of the famous King Pop King before triumph. The real phenomenon will of course begin!

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