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Parade on July 14 in Paris: "yellow vests" whistle Macron while passing

Several dozen "yellow vests" have whistled President Emanuel Macron while walking down the Avenue of the Champs-Elysées on a "command car" before a traditional military parade celebrated by the National Day of France on July 14, AFP reported.

At least two small groups of this movement of slings against the country's social and fiscal policy have sprung up Emmanuel Macron, who for several months has challenged street action. They all abandoned their traditional fluo grille, probably due to the discretion in the neighborhood that belonged to the police, but some waved yellow balloons. A group of twenty people sang in particular: "The yellow vest!" Emmanuel Macron, we are coming home for you, "AFP said.

After inspecting troops on the famous Paris road together with the head of the headquarters, Mr. Macron joined the presidential platform at Place de la Concorde, where several European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, waited for him. .

This is the third jump on July 14 for Emmanuel Macron since his election in May 2017. This year's celebration is under the banner of European military cooperation.

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