Wednesday , June 16 2021

Uber was sentenced to EUR 1 million in theft of data from his users

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Britain and the Netherlands punish the VTC service for one million euros because they do not have enough reliable data from their users.

Uber has not yet finished justice.

Uber is charged with inadequate protection of user data

A group of drivers with a driver was convicted by the British and Dutch data protection organizations to a fine of one million euros. It is a leak of data of more than 57 million in 2016.

" This is not only a serious failure to protect data from Uber, but also a complete neglect of customers and drivers whose personal data have been stolen. At that time, no action was taken to warn anyone worried about the facts or to provide assistance and support Says Steve Eckersley, director of research at ICO, a UK-based organization behind the punishment.

Capture amounts in the United States to avoid a lawsuit

This is not the first time a company has to be tried in court for this theft personal data. The United States also attacked Uber on the same issue. In order to avoid a lengthy media trial, Uber obliged, at the end of September 2018, to pay US $ 148 million in order to extinguish the fire and stop the prosecution.

Uber issued a short statement, saying " is pleased to close this chapter on the data incident for 2016 "A record that will cause many turbulences to number 1 VTC.

Source: Business Insider

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