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Anyone who kills an animal can attack a human as well

We are witnessing daily cruelty to animals, and the act of killing two genera has greatly shaken the public.

Source: B92

Photo: Depositphotos / ANRiPhoto

Photo: Depositphotos / ANRiPhoto

By Milica Krstic

There is no justification for aggression against animals, especially those who are powerless to defend themselves. The problem for these kinds of actions is to look deep within the individual's psyche.

What often drives someone to violence is personal dissatisfaction, anger i lack of a way to deal with that aggression without destruction.

"People who are aggressive towards animals can be aggressive towards themselves and the world around them. Dissatisfaction and finding a way to communicate with yourself and the world leads to feelings of frustration, misery and anger. That anger is poured out on animals, but it could be another human being or the person hurting himself, "she said for B92 psychologist Dr. Branko Tisma.

In situations where one is overwhelmed by uncontrollable anger, he reacts instinctively and loses control. One then indulges in current feelings which, in addition to anger, can also be dissatisfaction and unhappiness and violence then occurs.

"All discontent and misery can be solved only through contact with and through activities with other people. Planning activities and actions changes the feeling and the person is emptied of anger. Only with people who are ready to socialize and share," Tishma says for our portal.

We are witnessing the brutal murder of two genera in Montenegro. It is a couple of genera, and ornithologists and the public have condemned the procedure because it is a species that is very rare and deserves any help to survive. When it comes to this particular case, the doctor said the only solution was to be the action of individuals who would start a community to find a common solution for how to survive these birds.

"It would be normal for them to find a way to survive without destroying the house and to disturb someone. Again I emphasize, action and cooperation with other people is key. Institutions and authorities should also be involved," he advises. she.

Often, in recent times, the news is that someone has killed or poisoned stray dogs, either cats or dogs. Killing an animal is never a good and lasting solution. Instead, one should work to raise people's awareness and look for a solution to make the stray smaller.

"Ignorance and uninformation are a big problem. This is the case with genera, specimens of rare and protected species were killed because people did not have sufficient knowledge about it. Individuals are increasingly relying on themselves instead of nurturing the community, ”Dr. Tishma warned.

Aggression is not the solution. The solution should be sought in society, through actions with other people. The anger and resentment that is expressed toward animals often goes into anger and resentment towards other people, and this should be prevented.

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