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I WILL COME ONLY AND SLEEP YOU: Zorica threw the KNIGHT in front of the Bohr, the security did not calm them down! Fools and insults spit, and here's what the reason is! (VIDEO) | Stars

Zorica Markovic and Bor Santana were fighting around the food, as Bor said that he would throw everything away, thinking that the singer stole things from his bag, which is also yellow.

"I'm starting to cut you down with knives, I'm hurting you with my knife." I'm ashamed of you this is the last time you have a problem with me, otherwise you will find it! You will not make me a thief or a liar, "Zorica shouted, he tried to calm the situation:

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"Well, Zorica, I'm sorry, what did I do to you?" "What's wrong with you?" "Do not cursed me." "I just wanted to see, because I also got a yellow bag, you've been rude and some things, I remember sugar."

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The singer could not calm down, and she kept yelling and cursing, and then separated them from security.

"You're stealing from the outside, you're going to jail. Just come and I'll split you up!" Zorica writes, and two bags are bound, you were persistent that it was yours, "Markovic said.

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