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KARADJORDJEVIC'S DAMAGES: 500,000 euros will be given instead of the White Palace | Society


                            28 November 2018 23:40 |

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The Administrative Court annulled the decisions of the Restitution Agency and the Ministry of Finance. The successors will receive up to half a million euros

DINASTIJA Karadjordjevic will still be compensated for the complex of the White Palace, whose restitution was requested four years ago, Novosti reports. The Administrative Court annulled a decision rejecting Karadjordjevic's request for restitution or indemnification, and the Restitution Agency will again decide on their request and make a decision on financial compensation. The maximum legal benefit for both the Court and the other property of King Alexander's successor may be half a million euros.

The court, as the lawyer Zoran Zivanovic confirmed us, decided on the appeal of the royal family on the decision of the Ministry of Finance, as a second instance body. He annulled it and ordered the Ministry to abolish the first instance decision of the Agency, which completely rejected the request of Karadjordjevic.

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– It is true that the decision has been annulled, because, in the opinion of the Administrative Court, Karađorđevići do not have the right to the natural return of the White Palace, but they have compensation – says Ivana Živković, director of the Regional Unit of Belgrade Agency for Restitution. – This means that the state definitely remains the owner of the Dvor, and that Karađorđevići will receive compensation when making decisions on compensation and for other property to which they have a legal right. The future purpose of the White Palace will be determined by a special law.

Namely, the law permits only one indemnity, so the princes and princesses will have to wait for the Agency to decide on other real estate whose return they requested in January 2014. Then they demanded property that, after the death of King Alexander, the despotic decision of 27 October 1938 divided into three equal parts between the sons of Petar, Tomislav and Andrej.

The request includes: the complex of the Belo and the Royal Palace, the houses on the streets of Patrijarh Dimitrija 52, Kralja Aleksandra 24, Krunska 7 and Sarajevska 37, the house in Aberdareva 1 (which is the heritage of Queen Mary), the meadow near Sokobanja, artwork, silverware, roles rojs "Prince Paul … They could not claim the return of the hunting ground and the right to exploit the mines by law, while for the securities deposited with Morgan Bank in Paris, they do not know where they are.

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The request was handed over by Crown Prince Alexander, as the successor to King Peter, as well as the successors of Prince Tomislav and Andrei: Lavinia, Dimitrija, Tanja, Nikolas, Katarina, Djordje, Mihailo, Linda and Vladimir. For this property, the heirs claimed to have been bought with royal money, earned from the apanage, the wife's dowry, the action and the right to exploit the mines.

Of the remaining real estate, very few can be returned in kind. The only real estate that has been returned to members of the dynasty so far is the villa "Montenegrin.

The compensation of all citizens, according to the amendments to the Law on restitution of property, which is located before the deputies, will begin on December 15, 2021, and the advance of 10 percent of the total value of the property will be paid from March 2020.


The COMMISSION for monuments and the names of the squares and streets of the City Assembly adopted on Wednesday an initiative to erect monuments to King Alexander I Karađorđević and the appointment of Kosta Šonde on Dorćol. They should be placed on the plateau between the Old and the New Courts, that is, on the corner of Tsar Uros and Thessaloniki Street. The initiative for raising the monument to King Alexander I Karađorđević was presented by the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić. N.

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