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Nadal: Federer is very sorry to me

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, who, with a victory over lander Fernand Verdasco 6: 4, 6: 0, finished in the semifinals of the Masters in Rome, stressed that his opponent greatly played and that he regretted that he will not meet Roger Federer in the next stage of the competition .

Rafael Nadal

Getty Images / Clive Brunskill

"The start of the match was good. But he played great, to be honest. I was not bad at first, but he was incredible. No mistakes, many winners, he went early on the ball. It was a very difficult set. It's one of the first sets I'm very happy about"He pointed out Nadal and added:

"I think I had a good feeling throughout the match. Since I got the first set, in the other I managed to play a little more aggressive forhand. I did a lot of good during this afternoon. I am very happy for the re-semifinals. Good win".

Asked if he thinks that Roger Federer and Naomi Osaka withdrew from the tournament for a pause after two matches played the previous day, the Spaniard said:

"Sometimes it works, is not it? This can happen in outer conditions, it's part of the game. I'm very sorry about Osaka, especially Roger. It would be great if I had a chance to play against him in the semifinals. But, I will have another, very tough opponent – Cicipas. When you play two matches in a day, there is a risk that is greater than when it comes to a match".

The 32-year-old is pleased with his performance in the last few weeks.

"The good thing is that I have a better feeling lately Sunday. Each is better than the previous one. This is great because I not only have a better chance to win, but it does a personal satisfaction. When you start training after a tough period, you try to do things right and make a lot of effort, and when you see that you are getting better every day, this is an important factor that gives me satisfaction"Nadal concluded.

The Spaniard and the Greek team will score on Saturday at 14.30 on the central court.

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