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PRE-SESSION OF COMMISSION: He and my children will never be known! | Showbiz

PRE-SESSION OF COMMISSION: He and my children will never be known!

Kijin 's new apartment, photo: Printscreen

Now, the apartment he lives in is full of new buildings and luxury villas, and Kia has chosen a flat at the end of a flat street. Neighbors say they are always quiet, there is no noise and noise in the city, and their fresh air is clean in the city center.

Although they did not come to Kijo to get to know him well, he moved from Zrenjanin to Belgrade, and did not miss out on the fact that his ex-husband, Slobodan Radanovich, often visited him.

Kia, an elderly woman living at home, says that before she goes to Rial, she often gets through the windows with her former worker, Ana Korak, and Slobo Radanovich comes to her.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

"I am glad that Kyya came to the end, and when I heard that I was buying an apartment in my building I was very happy." She becomes a good neighbor, she does not make any noises and plays music, and she often gets in contact with Mother Korach. I know she has done a surgery, because her mother was often encouraged and supported by her until her intervention, and I was sleeping in her apartment. When she was in Cooper, I supported her and saw her as a good girl. She always goes out of the culture and speaks when she meets.

photo: Printscreen

Maria, according to another neighbor, did not move in the corner.

"Cristina is often out of the house, usually taken from her nest, and we do not see her going to the end or shopping." We have a good restaurant that we go there, but it never came. "We met at the end of Slobodan, he was with her, and after all, they have a good relationship," she says. neighbor.

On the other hand, we learned that stars are still alive in the near future.

"I did not know that Christina was here, but I did not see any difference and surprise." Our neighbor is widely known among well-known people and we are delighted to be with them, moving away from Bra Marjanovich and Philip, "said the old neighbor.

photo: Printscreen

There are also those who do not like Kokarev, and one of his neighbors explains.

"I do not know if he exists and he still does not want to read it, I do not see the truth, he is not a famous person, he can not be my children," says the neighbor.

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