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THE NATURAL SUPREME PLANNING PLAN: When they found the cursed body covered with apples, THE FATHER IS SINULO – RECENT SCENE FROM 10 DAYS … | Black Chronicle

THE NATURAL SUPREME PLANNING PLAN: When they found the cursed body covered with apples, the CIRCUITS IS SINULO - they remember SCENE FROM 10 DAYS ...

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SUBOTICA – Svetlana (46) and Dragan Zolnajic (53) were found
dead, Dragan in the cousin's house with a bullet wound, and a light-headed lump in an orchard, in a shaft.

According to unofficial information, Svetlana's body was covered with blankets and apple jabs, so it is suspected that the crime was planned and that the murder was committed by her husband.

Namely, the day after Svetlana's disappearance he appeared in the house of his mother's former mother-in-law, and on that occasion, according to her testimony, she brought apples. In the same house, eight days later, Dragan was found with a bullet wound on his head.

– Dragan is our friend, his sister is our sister-in-law. They live there.
He came on Saturday, he brought us apples. We were shocked that he was after
here it was found in the basement with us. We found him when we were preparing

basement. I came around 12 hours from the hospital, then I heard and I was all in
"said Marija Lamić, whose basement was found by Dragan.

She adds that probably Dragan came to the basement during the night, that they were not
nothing heard, no shots. Then they called the emergency and took him to the hospital

As the Courier learns, both bodies will be in the autopsy, and allegedly a polygraph will be assigned to some of the family members.

A spouse's disappearance was reported after their children, after more unsuccessful attempts to contact their parents with their parents, alerted their relatives and asked them to check what was happening to them.

The family was afraid it was a kidnapping, due to alleged debts in which
Dragan dropped, but did not expect the worst outcome.

Dragan allegedly dealt with dubious jobs for which he was convicted, as well as a sum of 300,000 euros, allegedly borrowed because he fell into gambling debts.

As a possible motivation it is also stated that Svetlana wanted to leave and start a new life in Slovenia where she has been working for more than a year.

Whether it's a double suicide or a murder and a suicide, it will show an investigation.



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