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The star gave two goals to Napoli and remained unbeaten for the eighth finals, LE continued to play! (VIDEO) | Telegraph

The star is still in the game for the European spring, it needs a miracle against Parisian

Napoli players have hosted Red Star in the 5th round of the Champions League and have won 3: 1, while red and white have left a good impression despite the decimation of the headache of Vladan Milojević!

The fans warmly warmed up friendly for the match, all the instructions were that there would be no incidents, which was far more beautiful than the riots seen in Paris after the game.

It was just a refund for the hospitality after a nice reception from the Napolitans in Belgrade, but in the first minute it was ripped off, the stakes were high, followed by a draw in the fight for the eighth finals, or the 3rd place leading to the Europa League.

Interestingly, Napoli posted a startup game well ahead of the match, unlike the Red Star. Only 30 minutes later, Vladan Milojević sent his team, where Simic was located, although many expected Kafu.

Seeing how much the Star was decimated by injury, Srnic had to play the last bind, and with two kicks, Napoli slowly drove with 2: 0.

Photo: Tanjug / AP

In the first minutes of the sequel, Napoli had 3: 0, Ben reduced to 3: 1, and the entry of Jovancic showed what was missing from the team. Stambeni vezisti made a balance in the middle of the field and Zvezda in a good part of the finals was a more dangerous rival, she could further defeat the defeat.

In the end, on December 11, PSG in Belgrade could have a new dream, which has already been made against Liverpool. In order to go on, Star has to win with Napoli's triumph over Liverpool, who in this round fell to Paris 2-1.

Neymar was pleased with European vice-champions Photo: Tanjug / Ap


(Hamsik 11, Mertens 32, 52 – Ben 57)

Stadium: San Paolo Spectators: 42,000 Referee: Hesus Hil Mansano (Spain)

Napoli: Ospina, Maksimovic, Albiol (from 56. Hysaj), Kulibali, Rui, Alan, Hamshik, Fabijan, Kaljehon (from 85. Rog), Insine (from 77. Zjelinski), Mertens

Red Star: Borjan, Degenek, Babić, Rodić, Gobeljić, Krstičić, Srnić (from 64. Jovančić), Marin, Simić (from 77. Ebesilio), Ben, Stojiljković (from 46. Joveljic)

Photo: Guliver / Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Images


The star had already gained a wealth of experience in the Champions League, and it materialized with a victory over Liverpool, but it was hellishly difficult with a large number of injured players to more seriously expose Napolitans.

Without Savić, Stojković, Jovančić, Jovičić, Boćić or Pavkov for the start-up, Vladan Milojević was forced to improvise, and Slavoljub Srnić was the biggest midfielder.

Nevertheless, the Zvezda started sharply, in 3 minutes there was a deal for Ospina who collided with Stojiljkovic after the shot, after which the field domination of Napoli was seen.

Photo: Guliver / Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Image

In the 10th minute, Gobeljić was late after the corner to rush Hamšik, who did not refuse the 1: 0 draw from Petrc, and Borjan, in the meantime, made new braces and confirmed that this season deserved the best goalkeeper of the Champions League.

A little later, Srnić was silently distant from the distance, and the red and whites would mourn for 22 minutes. Then the top Marin merged Simić with a goal on the left wing, but the fighter of the Zvezda kicked right into Ospina from 15 meters.

Photo: Guliver / Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Images

When Napoli is dropping something like that, he usually gets a penalty, the performer was Mertens, when Babić hesitated to rinse it after the center-left on the left. Prior to that, Borjan removed Kulibalia's shot under the crossbar, but the disgraced Belgian toppled and topped the Canadian national team as soon as a chance came for him.

Photo: Guliver / Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Images

Then Kaljehonov's shot redirected Rodić into the corner, and another peh human nature hit Zvezda before the half-time. Krstičić commits a rough corner in the penalty area and receives a yellow card, so he will miss the match with PSŽ in Belgrade.

Subsequently, Zvezda again easily received the goal, but there is nothing to resent the players, a flashy and masterful action in which Hamshik found Mertens on the edge of the offside trap.

Degenek did not have enough time to arrive and the execution was light, after which the Star also showed her teeth.

At half-time, Milojevic gave Joveljic a chance and did not make a mistake. The star of the teenager did not scare the Kulibalija and other Nadol's hopes, he entered the duels firmly and this would be an invaluable experience, and then Marin had the best moment of the match.

For a long time, Napoli was playing with the ball, and then he served Ben 3: 1, the result that started red and white, especially when Jovancic entered the game instead of Srnic.

Borbeni Šapčanin did not manage on his unnatural position at the heart of the midfield, and Jovančić was immediately the driver of the team and on several occasions Zvezda could have another goal with him.

Photo: Tanjug / AP

This was especially noticeable when Ebisilio was in the game – his one shot in the finish was warmly warmed by Ospini's gloves, after which the players left to give each other their hands after an interesting party, in which Zvezda showed that he could handle the serious with a serious rival and when decimated.

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