Sunday , July 25 2021

TRAMP'S DAUGHTER IN SERBIA AVOIDED FOR TREATMENT ?! She was examined by this SRBIN, and here's what kind of advice she gave her Fun

The daughter of US President Tifani Tramp, who arrived in Belgrade on Friday, had an appointment with Doctor Integrative Medicine Momir Dunjić, with whom she discussed her health and received advice on how to repair her.

Since the Tifani Tramp private flight on Friday night landed at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, everyone wondered what was the reason for her visit to Serbia.

She allegedly came to Belgrade, among other things, to see with doctors dealing with integrative medicine.

This type of treatment, which is still in development in Serbia, is a combination of the best in scientific medicine and clinically proven methods of complementary and traditional medicine branches.

photo: Sonja Spasic

Tiffany has done a detailed overview and given her tips on how to improve the way of life through diet and physical activity.

As patients' data is strictly guarded, and here is still the daughter of the President of the United States, no one knows if she has a particular health problem or has been preventing it, a source close to the people involved in the movement of young Tramp said.

"I do not know who told you that. I would not like to talk about it," Momir Dunjic said briefly, who did not deny that Tifani Tramp was his patient.

photo: Profimedia Kurir



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