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A new approach to the new approach of Assassin's Creed Odyssey to franchise expansions may indicate that these games are eventually large enough

Komiki big map Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which players can spend more than 100 hours researching without performing all of their moves and clearing all their caves and impacts, will not spread out with the first expansion of the game. It's a change from how the series in the past managed the downloads.

The pay of freedom, Dead Kings, and Damnation of the Pharaoh –to list some of the multiple paid extensions sold for the recent ones Assassin's Creed games – everything added a new territory outside the default folder of your game.

Legacy of the First Blade, the first expansion for October Odyssey, instead, it is placed on the main game card, for the publishers of the game publisher, Ubisoft, for Kotaku. They failed to confirm whether the game is running or there is no new interiors.

This does not mean that Ubisoft slips to an expansion, which is still billed for $ 25 or $ 40 if you go for both game extensions in the season. It looks like a lot of new ones Legacy of the First Blade, which talks about the story of Odyssey encounter with protagonist with proto-Assassin Darius, the first owner of the iconic hidden blade of the series. The extension trailer shows new characters, new cubes and new elements such as a boat that appears to have a flamethrower on it.

Since the release in September OdysseyThe expansion was not clear how the expansion would be added to the game. OdysseyCreators and PR people stressed that they are using a new approach to content after publishing, introducing introductory works in the chapter: three by expansion through two extensions, one on Darius and one on the lost city of Atlantis. Last year Assassin's Creed Origins it had two extensions that were completely issued in its entirety, each adding a new land surface with new exploration sites and a quest for completion. It is not known how a new land surface could be added for episodic expansions. This question is now wise, and Ubisoft says it's at least for First Blade we will be on the same huge map we were on the rest of the game. (We did not ask if this would work for the expansion of Atlantis, and the door remains open to changing things on the existing map and adding new interior spaces.)

As with OriginsExpansion, players will have to be a certain level to access content. Ubisoft rep said Kotaku players will have to be at the level of 28 or more and have a completed connection to the island of Naxos in the seventh (out of the nine) main chapters of the game.

Legacy of the First BladeThe first episodic chapter, Hunted, will go live Odyssey on Tuesday, December 4th, giving all players and creators of the game a chance to see how this new approach plays.

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