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New Zealand says Huawei does not bans it because it is Chinese

WELLINGTON: New Zealand denied on Thursday (November 29th) that Huawei's telecommunications giant was banned from launching the 5G network because it was Chinese, saying that the problem it faced technologically.

Wellington has also rejected suggestions that his intelligence services are under the pressure of the Allies in the spyware network "Five Eyes" to at least argue Huawei's fears of cyber security and its potential connections with Beijing.

"It's not a country, it's not particularly a company, but it's a technology that's been proposed," said Andrew Little, the state intelligence agency's state-run Communications Agency (GCSB).

"I can say with great confidence that there was no GCSB statement from Australia, from the United States, anywhere, about how to make a decision."

New Zealand's biggest carrier, Spark, said on Wednesday that the GCSB rejected a plan to use Huawei's technology in the next-generation 5G network, citing "significant risks to national security".

China – The largest trading partner in New Zealand, compared to 26 billion US dollars a year – expresses "deep concern" over the ban.

The two nations have a free trade agreement, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry said it hoped that "New Zealand would offer equal conditions for Chinese businesses operating in New Zealand."

The founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, is a former Chinese People's Liberation Army engineer, and this has led to concerns about the Chinese army and government, which Huawei consistently denied.

He refused to present a security threat to Spark's plan, saying only that "there is a risk of using this technology," but the details are classified.

He said that the GCSB considered a number of factors when deciding.

"We know that telecommunication networks, like other infrastructure, are now vulnerable to the downturn, cyber attacks and what you have," he said.

"So, in this day and age, we have to make sure that everything is done to protect our country from these risks."

Mali insisted that Huawei was not faced with a complete ban, saying Spark had the opportunity to approach the GCSB to see if there were any ways to reduce the security risk.

The 5G or fifth generation wireless communication offers super-fast connections that promise the ability to remove a complete feature film in less than a second.

It is considered to be the key to delivering new technologies, such as cars without drivers and remote surgical procedures.

US lawmakers have expressed concern over Huawei's potential for espionage and the Wall Street Journal announced last week that Washington has asked its allies to exclude it from the 5G.

In August, Australia banned Huawei and another Chinese company ZTE to participate in its 5G network. Other members of the Five Eyes intelligence group are Canada and the United Kingdom.

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