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PSG 2: 1 Liverpool: "They made us like a butcher!" – Jurgen Klopp explodes "unprepared" judge

The lines picked up six yellow cards during their defeat at the Parc des Princes, with their manager dissatisfied with the standards of the officers

Jurgen Klopp was shot down by Judge Szymon Marciniak after leaving the Champions League's Champions League hopes more cheering after defeating Paris Saint Germain.

Red lost 2-1 in the French capital and had to defeat Napoli at Anfield – either 1-0 or two clear goals – in their last match in group C to qualify for the nail.

His team was outspoken for the win of the competition, but the main focus of Kloppa in the interview after the match was on the performance of the officials.

Pole issued six yellow cards to Liverpool, and two for PSG – one of which, for the mistake of Mark Veratti to Joe Gomez, the Liverpool boss was recommended must be red.

And the Germans further disturbed the judge's apparent uncertainty for awarding the penalty Liverpool scored through James Milner, and the assistant referee influenced the decision.

The claw is on Football: "I think we have won a fair play competition three times in a row in England today and today [were made to] They look like a butcher!

"We have six, seven, eight yellow cards and we were close to the red card.

"Yes, there were one or two things that were yellow cards, but all the others – that's incredible.

"We got a sentence – the judge did not want to give it, but I do not know how it's possible.

"The referee has to be prepared for this game and he did not seem ready.

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"But they have achieved two and only us [got] One is our fault. "

He continued on the same topic at his press conference and added: "It was red for me, clear from Verdi, I saw it very well and it certainly was not the same card as the 500 that we got tonight."

Asked if officials were jeopardized by the apparent play by PSG old Neymar, Clopp broke: "It's not for me to talk about Neymar."

And he added to his interviewer: "Ask the judge, you can, try."

Despite his anger, Clopp says his side is still confident that he will be knocked out before testing or dying against Napoli.

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"Napoli is incredibly strong and we have to win two goals, which is not an easy job, but we will have Anfield at the door and we continue to believe," he said.

"We are disappointed, surely, but we will have to be on the spot."

Liverpool returns Sunday on Sunday when they will host Everton in the first Merseyside Derby.

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