Monday , June 21 2021

Scientists have discovered that someone would block signals from outer space

I learned that it immediately blocked the signal of spaceAfter the experiment, it found that there were no radio signals in the low frequency range.

The rapid radio interaction (FRB) is an unknown source signal in a deeper space. They were registered for the first time in 2007. Since then dozens of such phenomena have been documented.

The effects of FBW events are the production of large quantities of energy. They are only a few milliseconds and their sources are hard to identify.

A group of scientists at the Australian University of Arts, led by Marcin Sokolovski, did not find FBB at low frequencies. Researchers have sent two telescopes similar to the sky: MWA and CSIRO Australian SKA Pathfinder. It was used to identify dozens of signals from outer space recorded in the latest Nature magazine. But then a new FRB, such as ASKAP, was found, and another telescope did not notice anything.

"When ASPAP sees these very bright events, and the MWA does not exist, it says it's really unexpected. Or fast radio frequencies are not broadcast at low frequencies or block signals on Earth, "Sokolovski said.

Scientists have been able to control one FRB of galaxies over 3 billion years out of the Earth. The signal repeats itself, it is very special. All other FRB events have simultaneous events and control their performance.

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