Sunday , May 16 2021

Scientists talk about the month's transformation and its consequences

The pupils talked about Luny and his subsequent storiesAll experts do not admit that this phenomenon exists.

Last month, as a result of shift from asteroid collision, and now some disasters have occurred. The future of mankind is questionable.

The known natural satellite has a great impact on the earth's physical processes. The distance from the moon is the decline of our planet: the oceans gradually move to the poles, and many countries are flooded.

If there is no moon, the earth will have the uranium's (lie) side, which will be replaced every six months. Also, the temperature of the equator changes dramatically, from north to south. In that case, people will not be able to survive, and the end of the human race will end.

It should be noted that officially the scientists did not admit the fluctuation of the moon. All statements are only pre-made.

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