Thursday , June 24 2021

SDP radically offers these rental apartments to HDB and introduce the "Singapore first" policy

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In the video released today, the Democratic Party of Democratic Republic of Singapore (SDP) has settled many ways to address the problem, for example, the loss of rental housing for the Housing Development Board (IWF), due to the existence and flow of many foreigners.

The SDP members are Professor Paul Anantara Tambia, Vice-President John Tan Liang Joe and Secretary-General Chai Soon Juan.

An open market scheme

The list of proposed solutions will begin to address the issue of reducing the cost of HDB at the end of the 99-year leasing. They offered HDB apartments an open market scheme that was valued at cost without adding ground prices. They also say that open apartment owners can sell their flats to HDB and return the remaining amount to unpaid lease.

The "Singapore first" policy

In addition, foreigners wishing to work in Singapore will be included in the list if they meet strict qualifications and criteria. Once employers have found local places and have shown that they have not been able to do so, they can work on the list of foreigners.

Wages of the Ministry

Among other policies, the SDP has recommended parliamentarians (MPs) to pay ten times the minimum 20-per cent annual salary of Singapore and pay ministers three times as much as the MPs' allowance. They also told the Prime Minister that only four times the deputy's allowance will be paid.

According to their recommendations, the prime minister will pay $ 56,000 per month and ministers pay $ 42,000 a month. Currently, the monthly salary of Prime Minister Liu Xiang Loon is about $ 183,000.

Mr. Damahuri Aabb also offered to implement the minimum wage bill in Singapore.

Whether the proposed solutions are real or accessible, their video footage has solved many issues.

Are their measures able to solve any national issues?


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