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The facts of the Shark Dashing Day that will make you re-think of "Jaws"

The facts of the Shark Day Awareness that will make you re-think about

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ATLANTA, Mrs. – Let's be honest: sharks look like the closest thing you can get to the real movie monsters.

Perhaps they are not quite in line with the legend of the "Cheljustas", but with the great whites it grows up to 20 feet long and most species are cheated with more teeth, they are quite intense.

But the stories of their horror are greatly exaggerated.

Sharks, though incredible predators, are not a threat to humans. In fact, people are more likely to kill a shark than vice versa. According to a study, people are responsible for the death of about 100 million sharks annually.

For Sharks Awareness Day, look at some other amazing facts about sharks.

They fight global warming better than your metal straws

Sharks work more than they woke up among us. At the top of the seafood chain, they are biologically responsible for keeping populations under control.

For example, they feed on animals such as sea turtles, which consume large quantities of seaweed. Sea grass stores large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. But when the turtle population is expanding with an unsustainable rate, this carbon storage is jeopardized. Sharks, the natural predators of sea turtles, are the only ones who can keep it under control. But it's a tough job when people kill sharks in astronomical numbers.

They survived the dinosaurs

Sharks not only lived after the age of dinosaurs, but were formed in time before these giants even walked the Earth. Fossil sharks have been found for 450 million years, indicating that they were around Silurius, the early part of the Paleozoic era. It was 190 million years before the dinos appeared.

You would give a dentist a nightmare, but he will not let you down

With an average of 45 teeth and seven rows, the shark would give nightmares to everyone. Sharks lose up to 30,000 teeth throughout their lives, which makes their ocean full.

Their teeth and forks are a pretty nasty duo, with a large white shark that has a bite of nearly 17,790 newtons (about 4,000 pounds per square inch). However, these bad boys rarely find the way to human flesh. You have about 1 in 3,748,067 chances to be the victim of an attack by a shark.

Their rocks help them move faster

Basically, sharks are covered with teeth, even from the outside. They have "dermal teeth", ergonomic scales that help them slip faster through the water. These scales help to shift the current around the shark.

Fish are food, not friends – but sharks still do not eat much

"Finding No" maybe he tried to tell us differently, but science says it's a lie. The eggs actually eat up to 3 kilograms of fish a day, and these are opportunist feeders. They can use their scent and hearing to find prey, as well as to use "side lines" on their bodies to sense vibration in the water.

They have long periods of pregnancy and some breeds where they were born

This one is stranger than stunning, but it's new enough to pay off. According to a long-standing study on lynx sharks, this species is known to return to the place of birth in order to mate.

And if you think nine months are bad, then for three and a half years, the usual sea sharks spend pregnancy worst of all horrors. Shark gestation periods vary from five months to several years, and some sharks can store sperm for months.

The only things that are against their noses are their ears

Not only are sharks known for their acute scent, but also the auditory sounds are incredibly powerful. Sharks can hear the prey miles, even tiny sounds, such as water disorders and muscle contractions.

People, although they do not have seven rows of teeth, are still worse

For every man killed in a shark attack, people kill about 2 million sharks. In fact, the American average for annual attacks of sharks is 19, with one mortality every 2 years. For comparison, lightning strikes kill 37 people a year.

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