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S. Martaus comes with essays of common things

In the picture Sima Martaus Photo: Sima Martos's archive

Bratislava, Nov. 12 (TASR) – singer and songwriter Sima Martaus has published the song "Chaos of Simple Things". It's about people who have been affected by it and those with special skills. He also gave a video clip.

"This song was just like some people who met some people in my life and played a video that left me a few tracks, so they are ordinary people, and I am excited about it. It's about the most beautiful things and beautiful moments for me, he asked.

"It is interesting for me to hear this song – the saxophone of the whole song, the saxophone my friend, Michal Žacek, so I feel good about that duo." singer adds.

He has a clip. "In the clips I applied to the people I wrote, and even when I wrote it, I told her that if the video-chaters really could speak, I love her. Almost all, when it comes to someone's turn, maybe the only thing " Martaus joined.

The singer's name is a wonder of ordinary things three times a Christmas, December 3 in Bratislava, on December 10 in Kashitz and on December 18 in Jilin.

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