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The best choice for Motorola

We enjoyed this smartphone during testing.

The new model of the motorola is a relatively inaccessible phone. Its design resembles the first look of the iPhone and offers basic technical parameters that will not immediately attract attention to itself. However, as we learned during testing, sometimes important things are worth the time. And the motorola has some in its equipment.

Great moto screen: The most agreeable thing on all Motorola phones is Moto Moto. This is a screen that appears after you lift the phone or when you receive a notification. Its advantage lies in the fact that you have an immediate overview of the notification and you can respond directly to them without having to unlock the device. It's very practical and saves time. And when you get used to the Moto screen, you'll miss other phones. If you would like to ask us about the only reason why you would take one or the other motorcycle, and not a competitor with clean Android, then this is definitely a Moto screen.

The Moto Display is a great feature. If you get used to it, you'll miss other phones

Luxury design and light weight: The front of the motorole does not attract much attention, but the back is actually treated. The phone has a more dramatic impression than it really is. Its compact dimensions and low weight of just 162 grams are also practical. If you have heavy phones, you will not have a motorola.

Complete equipment you will need: In the smartphone segment with a price of around 250 euros, the NFC chip is not a matter of course, but you can find it in the motorcycle. Also a 3.5mm port or a full dual SIM slot with a separate microSD slot.

A lot of Dual SIM shafts are allowed, as well as a 3.5mm jack, NFC, USB-C and 15W fast charger in a box

Fast Charger Included: There is no apparent charge or charge in this category. The Motoroly one has a 15 W turbocharger, which you will appreciate when you need as short a time as possible from the maximum. Compared to regular chargers, this is a notable difference.

Extreme Stamina: The motorola has an optimized Android operating system that, in combination with the HD + display, will show an outstanding battery life. Our phone lasts about 1.5 days with 5 hours of use of the display during testing. This is a great result.

Android quick update: Motorola One is part of Android One. In practice, this means that the phone is not being prepared by the manufacturer, but only by Google. During testing, we received an update with security updates on October 1, 2018, and a significant upgrade to Android 9.0 these days. Motorola One is one of the first Android phones that are updated on the latest Android. Also, updates for Android 10 are guaranteed, as are regular security patches.

The motorola one has already been upgraded to Android 9. We also updated the phone to our editorial office

Rich storage: 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space is a generous offer at a price of about 250 euros.

Camera with several tricks: The motorola has a decent camera that will enjoy the quality of the photos in good lighting. It also offers some tricks, such as highlighting a selected color or a cinematographer that creates a .gif image with a partially animated background. There is also a Google Lens feature that reveals the objects you target the camera with artificial intelligence. In some situations this is practical.

The rear of the motorcycle looks very luxurious. The white version is doubled

You can use the Cinema function on the front and rear cameras. Here's what the result looks like

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