Monday , May 10 2021

Hackers attacked external server of European Central Bank @ Slo-Tech

Reuters – The European Central Bank (ECB) was the victim of a hacking attack, which closed one of its websites yesterday. Attackers have gained access to the Frankfurt Integrated Reporting System (BIRD), where commercial banks can find information on compiling reports and statistics required by the central bank as a regulator. The attack, which was first compared to December last year, involved malicious devices streaming to a server hosted by BIRD sites. The attackers were likely to receive the email addresses, names and names of subscribers to the BIRD newsletter, that is, the contact details of authorized persons at commercial banks. It is not yet known why he did not notice the attack for more than half a year. It was only discovered during routine maintenance of the infrastructure.

The ECB said they have already contacted potential victims of the attack. The attackers were confirmed to have successfully maliciously invaded the external server during the invasion, thereby impersonating them. In addition, they ensure that the infrastructure for BIRD is provided by an external partner and that the site is not connected to other ECB systems. Hackers thus did not receive any sensitive banking or financial information, they said.

The BIRD system has been in existence since 2015, and its participation is voluntary. It is a joint project of the ECB and commercial banks, which allows banks to obtain additional information on how to produce reports and statistics required by the ECB. The BIRD newspaper had 481 subscribers, and the information was probably obtained by hackers. In no case were they given passwords. How the hackers managed to break into the server is not yet known.

The last successful hacker attack on the ECB occurred in 2014, when hackers gained access to a database on external servers. However, lately, many other banks have been successfully compromised by hackers. Bangladesh's central banks and Mexico's commercial banks are the most well-known burglaries.

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