Thursday , April 22 2021

A mushroom is underway – piles of foxes

Already in July, reports arrived that several places in Sweden found foxes in the mass and this is just the beginning of what appears to be a real frozen mushroom.

– This lollipop noise endured. There have been plenty of foxes in some parts of the country, so you can almost tell it's a fox year, says Michael Krikorev, a mycologist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.

The jump lives on

But the forest doesn't have a bright yellow with foxes really everywhere. In places that have had dry summer months, such as Gotland, mushrooms are most bright with their absence. Still, he does not hope that even dry summer places will get proper rooting and gelling during the fall.

"I thought I'd see SMHI say it's going to be rainy in the next few days, so that looks absolutely promising for the foxes in the next few weeks," says Michael Krikorev.

The reason why there are so many foxes this year is because we had a pretty typical Swedish summer time.

-Langarela thrives on a classic Swedish summer when it is not hot from time to time with a bit of regular rain. Then the fox can outgrow as it slowly grows.

Unfortunately, this also means that another treat, the porridge of the Karljohani, will not be as visible this fall.

-It's either a fox or a curly hair. It is rare to do both because they want different types of weather.

Annoying forest

But where to look if you want to find chandeliers in the fall? There is no easy answer to this, because fungi can grow in very different environments. However, the idea may be to sign up for a "boring" forest, Michael Krikorev thinks.

-The bulb grows with several different types of trees and conifers and deciduous trees. Above all, they enjoy a little mossy coniferous forest with spruce. They can also be found in fairly young spruce plantations, only 30-40 years old – forests that look rather bleak and do not have these large centuries-old trees.

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