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A new bluff embrace: Pay free services

Swedish vehicle guarantee

The company sends letters to car owners, where they are asked to extend the factory warranty of the vehicle. According to the Consumer Agency, the offer has nothing to do with the factory warranty. Many consumers also thought they had to pay in order not to risk protection against expensive car damage, which is not true. In total, the Consumer Agency received over 860 notifications, making the company one of the most important.

Accord Alliance

The company is behind the sites,,, and Sites have sent sms advertising where they offer help to leave the church for payment. The call was made without a recipient who agreed and without any clear information about who the sender was. It was also unclear whether the service cost.

The Accord Alliance writes in the Advice & Rön email that they have completed sms marketing and believe that massive reports have been organized against them.

U Security

The company is accused of calling consumers and claiming to call it MySecurity, the Anti-Theft Association or another company it calls the client. Consumers have been informed that they need to be replaced, but instead of new tiles they have signed a new subscription to the keys to U Security. Some reviewers also say that they rejected the offer, but in any case they received bathtubs.

In Security claims that it had a significant reduction in the number of complaints, and when the Council and Rön checked the data, it was true that the number of complaints was reduced.

Motor Guarantee

The company is similar to a Swedish vehicle guarantee because they are sending out an offer that looks like an account for car owners who have cars in which the factory warranty will expire. The offer is claimed to be an extended warranty, but in the opinion of the Consumer Agency it is not possible to extend the factory warranty in this way. Information about the company's price is also inadequate.

According to the Motor Guarantee, they changed their terms even before the Consumer Agency sent them their first opinion. The company does not want to be associated with the Swedish vehicle warranty.


Viagogo was reported 81 times to sell tickets for concerts that were invalid or nonexistent. On some occasions, the company withdrew a threefold amount for its concert tickets. Viagogo is a Swiss company and the Consumer Agency contacts its counterpart in Switzerland to alert them to the problem.

Vitality Club

Consumers reported accepting a free trial package or an offer to purchase food supplements at extra low prices. After that, they discovered that they were stuck in a costly subscription, where the costs in some cases amounted to several thousand crowns. The company is an Icelandic and the Swedish Consumer Agency has given the entity to the entity authorities.

Vitality claims that it has changed marketing to comply with the laws and regulations that apply.

source: Tips and Rön.

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