Thursday , April 22 2021

Blair's new witch trailer represents the forest of the haunted

The old budget horror The Blair Witch Project should, as you may hear, come into play (again), and apart from the witches that put children in the corners, the forest is of course one of the most important characters. Ahead of the August 30th release, developer Blooper Team has released a trailer featuring the forest in the spotlight.

In addition to some trees, we can see abandoned train tracks, an old sawmill, chairs that have been dropped into the ceiling for obscure reasons, and of course classic figures hanging in the trees scaring the shit out of people. U Blair Witch one takes on the role of ex-girlfriend Ellis who joins the search for the missing boy. Not entirely unexpected, however, the mysterious Blair Witch seems to complicate matters.

We previously reported that screenwriter Basia Kciuk took inspiration from, among other things, Firewatch and worse models, obviously they can have it. Blair Witch it takes place in the first person and is not fully described as a psychological horror game.

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