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Carola breaks her laugh after Robert Gustafsson's words

53-year-old Robert Gustafsson has worked hard to make bicycles and prepare for the race.

But an additional cold training allowed him to recapture his career plan. At the Helenius Corner, Robert Gustafsson tells the story of a bicycle shelf and laughs along with Carol, an artist who has taken part in David Hellenius's Sunday program.

"When I was younger, I was a cyclist and once dropped snow. She disappeared. I found him. It is very cold, with snowflakes and rash, you have short pants. Robert Gustafsson: "I'm too far away, I've been too long," says David Helenyus.

Hockey is also found in the legendary "Helenius Corner" by Masson Sun Sundin.

photo: TV4

Robert Gustafsson: "It Was Something"

He explains that he was bursting after his passport – and then he knew it was unlikely.

"I entered the shower and fell down as usual, and then I went down and disappeared. Here I had porcelain here, and here is a small little one. She smiles, "she said, and Carolo laughed and laughed at the face.

"But it can not be lost," said Helenius.

– Yes, maybe! I was drowned and dried hot water, and then it slowed down and lasted about a minute and recognized the comic.

– When do you finish the race?

"That was one of my reasons," says Robert Gustafsson, laughing.

"Hellenius Corner" will be available on TV on Sundays at 21:00.

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