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CD Project: "Keanu Reeves is a key figure in Cyberpunk 2077"

There is no doubt about that Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the few games that Rockstar can bring about when it comes to hyper in the upcoming release. The game has been developing since Wizard 3 it was released four years ago and now we finally got the release date.

Earlier this week, we saw a brand new demonstration of playing behind closed doors and left us impressed, but still a little worried how CD Project can deliver this huge hype. It was one of the questions we asked Pawel Sasku, the leading designer in the studio, but of course we talked about Keanu Reeves. About how famous faces can crack empathy towards people and that Reeves is a key feature of the game.

Many speculated that he should be one of three "childhood heroes", a choice that was demonstrated last year's E3 demo (which was later released in full with Gamescom). However, this is removed from the game and Johnny Silverhands (like Reeves character) is a person who is deeply integrated into V's story.

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