Henrik "Henke" Larsson recently led the Helsingborg IF in the match at Olympia in November 2016. Then there was a qualifying defeat against Halmstads BK and HIF who dropped out of Allsvenskan on scandal scenes, when fans after the match came into the game and clashed with "Henkes" son Jordan Larsson. The coach then left the task in the association, but this summer again took over the role of coach in the club.

After two games since winning against Örebro SK and against Elfsborg, the first home game for the "Henke" in Olympia is now waiting for the 2016 race. Larsson leads on Monday HIF against Sirius at home and looks forward to the match.

– It's going to be very fun to go out there, stop there and see the framing I have not seen for a long time. I really missed that, Larsson says in an interview on the Youtube channel of the HIF.

Larsson is looking forward to the game. He is pleased that his team made the last two matches.

– In particular, we can bring with us our game and the number of chances we have created in these two games. This is something very, very positive. Fit's game was excellent in the first half against Örebro and slightly worsened in the second half, and then we had quite over 90 minutes of very good encounter against Elfsborg. The chances we have created are really good games that we have performed, says Larsson.

At the same time, he has respect for his opponent – and above all for Philip Haglund.

– It's a tricky, poisoned law and really has good players at all levels. Haglund (Philip) is a very good player in Sirius who is a "link up" player and finisher, while they have a lot of quick attacks that are good at lagging behind and with a decent technique, says Larsson and continues:

– They are also strong and can refuse defenders if you hug. There are certain parts that we need to look after and which ones we need to be aware of. There you should be on guard and do not give up anything unnecessarily. We will hold the match that we had in two games since I took over with I could play in advance, to be impeccable and to dare to play the game.

See the Helsingborg match in the tweet below.

The match starts at 19:00 and is broadcast on Sportkanalen and stream to cmore.se.