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Region Gävleborg selects plates – Voister

– In the Gävleborg region we are working on a test to get out of the horse in Ipads on wagons. In this way, we skip three steps as it is today. This means that the management mission will be faster for the department, "says Cathrin Dahlström, unit manager in the Gävleborg Region.

Today we have an hour of adjustments and we estimate it from 30-45 minutes.

Cathrin Dahlström
, Unit manager in the Gävleborg region

– At present, call customer support, FM support, which sends work orders to our Landlord real estate system. The order goes to the customer cleaning service, which in turn sends the task to the cleaner. By sending a core directly to the board we can pass these members. Today we have an hour of adjustment and we estimate it from 30-45 minutes with a new solution.

Tell us about your patient transport project.

– Today we are on a service unit a spider in a network on offer. We have telephones who receive all the offers and hand notes the patient will be drawn out. This would be done automatically by a patient guidance program where carriers receive their tasks in handheld devices. It would also save a lot of time.

Is it difficult to set a priority?

– No, it's good to work in parallel with several projects. These are the opportunities we watched over the past year, based on the discussions about what staff and our department will provide the most. In this way, we have found the areas we are currently working on.

What remains are left?

"With the patient's routine program, it's a technique, we do not want to buy anything today that needs to change tomorrow." "If we get to a patient, we can continue with another." For example, labeling the bed This solution gives us information on where they were from when service them, and simplify the monitoring of infection in the event of an infection or similar. We conduct similar monitoring on wheelchairs, which we are very pleased with.

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