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Shekarabi could become the new minister of labor

Ylva Johansson resigns responsibility for the Swedish labor market to become Brussels EU commissioner on 1 November.

Ylva Johansson is tired of her ministerial job

Despite tears at a press conference, Ylva Johansson was "very tired of the task," Di.

And now her successor will be appointed Minister of Labor.

Several independent sources close to the government point to Di Ardalan Shekarabi as the most likely candidate.

According to the newspaper, Shekarabi himself must be positive to take on the task and be ripe for greater responsibility.

The Express had earlier asked famous S-disatters such as Widar Andersson, Jonna Sima and Daniel Suhonen who they believed would get the job as minister of labor. Former Secretary of State Irene Wennemo and TCO Chair Eva Nordmark were then favored.

S-debate on favorite candidates for the ministerial post

"She is competent, capable of labor market policy, and has a broad trust of parties," said Suhonen, head of the Catalysis Research Center, about Irene Wennemo.

– I think we should return former Secretary of State Ylve Johansson Irene Wennemo, who was recently appointed Director-General of the Mediation Institute. An extremely competent person in the field, said Jonna Sima, Executive Writer at Aftonbladet.

– If TCO Chair Eva Nordmark wants to re-enter politics, she's a strong name. Norrbottning, experienced, woman, wise, unionist. Instead, if equipped by the government, then current Minister of Business Ibrahim Baylan could be a good candidate. He probably wants to get in the warm air again and he has the capacity, "said Widar Andersson, editor-in-chief of Folkbladet in Norrköping.

– I think Eva Nordmark is good if she wants to. It is respected in all blocks and can protect the interests of employees under the January agreement. If that doesn't become Eva, I'd like to see (First Vice President LO) Therese Guovelin or (Mayor) Tobias Baudin, said Payam Moula, editor-in-chief of S-magazine Tiden.

Civil Affairs Minister Ardalan Shekarabi visited the Express in Almedalen.

Jonna Sima is the only one who mentioned Ardalan Shekarabi as a likely candidate:

– Otherwise, I think Ardalan Shakarabi may be welcome. He is smart and combative, needed in negotiations with C and L who want to violate labor law and employee conditions, Sima said.

Shekarabi is a challenge if he gets the job

And it is a great responsibility that awaits Ardalan Shekarabi if he gets a ministerial post. He is then given major responsibility for major organizational changes within the Employment Bureau, where the authority releases the responsibility for hiring to third-party suppliers and complicates the job of mapping job seekers and managing procurement, which will be completed by 2021.

It is also responsible for investing in jobs for newcomers and long-term unemployed people with lower salaries, in accordance with the 73-point agreement between the red-green government and the C and L. Cooperation Parties.

As early as October 3, Ardalan Sekarabi was appointed civilian minister of the Löfven government and gained new confidence in the post during the formation of the government in January.

As a 15-year-old in 1993, Shekarabi joined the Association of Young Social Democrats, SSU, and is an educated lawyer.

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