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The car was powered off after a police hunt in Linköping

Just before midnight, the police tried to stop on a slow-moving car, but very wickedly, thrown out of Linköping.

"He refused to remain on the police officer's note and when a police car tried to drive if the car left, he went left and preached a police car," says Lars-Göran Nilseryd, a policeman in the police region of East.

The police tried to stop the drivers – who crashed

The driver then returned to the city and the speed increased.

– When on the way to Tallbodi, he misses it in traffic in the form of harassment and drives straight to him and collapses the car, says Lars-Göran Nilseryd.

The hook should have been so big that the car had ended up on the roof. A passenger, a woman in her twenties, managed to get out on her own, but the driver, a 40-year-old man, helped rescue personnel.

Two arrested suspects for theft

– Both have a hospital first for care. They are also suspected of stealing as a result of things found in a car, says Lars-Göran Nilseryd.

The driver is also suspected of several traffic offenses, including drunkenness.

It is unclear how many people were injured.


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