Levante's home match with Villarreal was dramatically disbanded at the Estada Ciutat de València in La Liga. Gerard Moreno had already put Villarreal in the third minute to draw 1-0, but in the second half everything changed after three penalties, two of which came in goal.

Levante received his first penalty in the 65th minute after a VAR review. The home player was demolished in the penalty area and was awarded a penalty after some delay. José Luis Morales Nogales on the other hand saw Villarreal goalkeeper Andrés Fernández save the penalty, but the penalty was overturned when Fernández left the goal line prematurely. Then teammate Roger Marti was safe from the penalty spot at 1-1.

Five minutes later it was time again, but this time after a possibly more noticeable situation. Fernández was unable to reach the home side and was awarded a new penalty. Roger Marty was cold again, nailing 1-1 from eleven yards, winning the hosts and three points.

Levante thus claimed his first win of the season after a dramatic hit. Villarreal score after two games played in La Liga.