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20 minutes – "Authorities have massively failed"

The sex offender who became known as William W. (name of famous editors) lived in freedom, although he was convicted of sexual offenses for five children. Now he obviously hit again. As announced on Friday, the prosecution is conducting a criminal investigation into sexual activity with a child. "It's essentially about clarifying whether the Accused grabbed an 8-year-old boy's pants and touched him on the penis," Solothurn Hansjürg Brodbeck of SonntagsZeitung said.

This case was publicly announced two years ago, when W. was not held for formal legal reasons. Although assessors confirm a "moderate to high" risk of recurrence.

The ankle fences do not help

National SVP Councilor Natalie Rickley says 20 minutes: "The government's interaction has obviously completely collapsed." She could not intervene as a Zurich woman in the Solothurn prison. "I, however, would recommend a study to the competent commission of the cantonal councils." The armor W. had to carry as a test condition was not helpful. "We always said they only offer you obvious security."

The case shows everyone that something is wrong. The postulate submitted by Rickley two years ago, citing "more practical detention" can be canceled. "I will return the subject to parliament," Rikli says.

Cantonal politicians demand an investigation

The Solothurn politicians were shocked by the incident. "This is unforgivable and must not happen," says Franziska Rot, president of the SP Canton of Solothurn. The cantonal councilor talks about the "mass official failure": "The prosecution suspends the trial for a year, assuming it will take several years to the next effect, which is negligible." I: "If the unwanted chain assessors and the high risk of relapse are released, the perpetrator can not be released from criminal or mass executions.

To prevent this from happening again, the case should be investigated, Roth says. The SP will therefore ask the question at the next meeting of the cantonal judicial commission (JuKo).

For Christian Verner, the leader of the Solothurn SVP and vice president of the cantonal judicial commission, it is clear: "If a convicted sex offender is classified as unreadable and now is repeated again, only custody can be taken into account." The Judicial Commission should investigate how it could have come so far and where the mistakes of competencies occurred. "Now it must be primarily ensured that there are no eighth and ninth victims," ​​Werner said.

It's free to move

"When I heard that he again abused the child, I'm afraid," says Selina's former victim in "SonntagsZeitung". "I always suspected it hit again."

As research shows, W. lived after his release from prison in late 2016 in an open-air home. Only four kilometers from Seline. In spite of his ankle bracelet, he could move freely through the photographs. Director of Solothurn Justice Justice Roland Fürst is "very concerned about developments in this case," he says. The subject highlights the basic challenges of judicial cooperation. "This set of rules must be critically examined and, if necessary, revised."

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