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The number of new infections is stable, but social exclusion remains a problem.

14:59, 28 November 2018

World AIDS Day on December 1st
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Risk groups should be Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which is now available in Austria, gets it free: it requires Aids Hilfe Wien (AHW). There are internationally comparable examples, said AHW President Wolfgang Wilhelm on the occasion of the World Aids Day on December 1st.

The topic of HIV or AIDS is currently undergoing changes, Wilhelm said. Media, progress is great, but there are new challenges. At this time, we need to think about how to deal with prophylaxis. Initially, this – offered as a tablet – treatment costs about 800 euros a month. Thanks to the initiatives of the pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry, now there are about 60 euros, which must be borne by the buyers themselves.

In some countries, however, there are models that have a free delivery for example, people who already suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. For example, France or the Netherlands are mentioned here. Even Scotland or the US city of San Francisco are pioneers here: "I think we should get into this canon," Wilhelm said. In any case, he found that appropriate follow up checks should be taken over by health insurance.

A stable number of new diagnoses

Currently there are new diagnoses – 2017 510 – Stable at a low level in HIV, as Bernhard Benka from Section 4 (Infectious Disease, Crisis Management and Disease Control) explained in the Ministry of Health. Most remain valid gay or bisexual men. All in all, it is estimated that just under 10.00 people live with HIV or AIDS – where virus infection can not be reported, but only AIDS disease.

The helper's assistant, Wilhelm, complained that yes social exclusionPeople with HIV still exist – although significant progress has already been made here, he said. For example, leaving Conchita medial is well received. In social media, however, there was a message of hatred.

Wilhelm also mentioned the measures recently implemented by Aids Hilfe, such as the training of pharmacists about new self-tests. Also one HIV-home test Helpline raised. Of particular importance, but also work with young people, she said. What is needed is "emancipatory sexual education", which should be implemented at the level of the whole country, as highlighted.

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