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Gray hair is often the first sign of upcoming cardiovascular disease

The relationship between gray hair and the risk of cardiovascular disease

As the study showed, gray hair may be the first indication of an existing or future cardiovascular disease. "The study showed a link in men," report cardiologists at the University of Cairo.

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Gray hair is an independent risk marker?

According to the Egyptian cardiologist, aging is an inevitable coronary risk factor, which is associated with certain signs, such as gray hair. According to experts, these signs of aging can therefore indicate an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

In their study, researchers have studied the relationship between the appearance of gray hair and the risk of cardiovascular disease. "This study has evaluated the prevalence of gray hair in patients with coronary heart disease and whether it is an independent indicator of the risk of illness," Dr. Samuel.

545 men suspected of having CHD were examined

According to researchers, the prospective observational study included 545 adult males who were screened for suspected coronary heart disease using computer tomography (CT) and coronary angiography. The scientists then established subgroups of participants based on the presence or absence of coronary heart disease and the amount of gray / white hair.

The amount of gray hair is classified according to the "whitening result": 1 = pure black hair, 2 = black more than white, 3 = black and white evenly distributed, 4 = white more than black and 5 = pure white. Data on traditional cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking, dyslipidemia (fat metabolism disorder) and the presence of coronary heart disease in the family have been collected.

Hair illumination in patients with CHD is stronger

In the analysis, the researchers found that high levels of hair illumination (grade 3 or higher) are associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease, regardless of the age of the subjects and other cardiovascular risk factors. "Patients with coronary arterial disease showed statistically significantly higher hair whitening and more calcification of coronary arteries than subjects without coronary artery disease," Dr. Samuel.

Similar biological mechanisms are the cause of this relationship

Researchers attributed the relationship between the appearance of gray hair and the risk of CHD by mechanisms similar to arteriosclerosis and hair loss. In both cases, repair of DNA, oxidative stress, inflammation, hormonal changes and aging of functional cells is aggravated (aging = cessation of cell division after a certain number of successful divisions). Samuel. "Atherosclerosis and hair loss occur through similar biological mechanisms, and the incidence of both increases with age," continues the cardiologist.

Checks for gray hair?

The results of the study show, according to Dr. Samuel pointed out that gray hair may be a sign of an increased risk of cardiovascular risk. Although further studies are needed to find out more about genetic causes and possible environmental factors that can be prevented, a widespread pattern of men and women should consider the association between gray hair and cardiovascular disease in patients without other known cardiovascular risk factors. to confirm. But the established connections are relatively clear. "If our findings are confirmed, standardization can be used as a predictor of coronary heart disease using a scoring system for assessing gray hair," Dr. Samuel.

The identified risk patients would then be able to go to regular controls and, if necessary, take preventive therapeutic measures. (Fp)

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