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Half the truth and humiliation – "20 minutes" – no problem for the Tamdas

The starting page for "20 minutes" is mineral. For Ophthard Jarren, for media researchers, the first pages are ethically questionable, not printed.

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Today's 20 Minuten Newspaper Newspaper is different from the usual. In addition to the request for "yes" to the door of the idea of ​​self-awareness, the tower is of particular importance. The title sheet was purchased by the Egerkinger Committee near SVP-Nationalrat Andreas Glarner. The previous price was 164 500 francs, "20 minutes".

It was purchased in 20 minutes. Already on November 7, the cover sheet was sold. The operation was conducted in a similar style to Libero, Economuisse and other self-determination rivals.

The Egerkinger Committee says that Turkish judges should eliminate our mineral bans? The question is that several Turkish judges have the power of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). That is not so. Everyone participating in the European Convention on Human Rights (OSCE) has sent a judge to the OSCE. Forty-seven countries signed the OECD, so 47 were in the OSCE. Jasel Karakash is the only Turkish judge in the OSCE. In addition, judges of the OSCE will never make a decision. You always have at least three.

The front panel of the Operation Libero is also tested in a small sense. The phrase "dragons voted" acts as a political opponent's devaluation and poses the following danger. ("You've made life-long decisions")

Professor Otrire Jarren, of the University of Connections and Media Research at the University of Zurich, explains: "Here, the publisher Tamediya has to examine. 20 minute editors have no influence on the content of the ad, says scientist, "It should be good and should remain the same." Jarren, the publisher, was criticized for not checking out anywhere. Note the prominent location of this promotion.

"The first pages are very difficult, only 20 minutes is one of the most important media in Switzerland," says Jarren. In addition, the draft law explicitly duplicates editorial content and advertising.

At the request of Watson, Marcos Bocelli, a 20-minute chief editor, refers to the publisher. It will respond in writing to:

On average, all advertisers are open 20 minutes, including political parties. However, political advertising is lawfully legally dealt with if it is not legally legal. Struggle with strict bandages is politics. "

Commenting on the List of Commitment Committee, Remo Arpagaus, Head of Legal Services at Tamada, states: "Advertising is not lawful and does not violate the law." Finally, the publisher decides whether the advertisement will be published or not. "Legal service evaluates advertising only from the legal point of view," Arpagaus said.

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